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Home Air Conditioning Installation


Commercial units use R410A coolant guarantee respect for the standards providing high energy.  Units use electronic thermostatic valves wich automaticly improves the performance.  Units is recognised by its customers for engineered compressors and assessories best suited to the users needs as HVAC manufacturing.



High resistance to corrosion. Specifically designed for coastal areas.  Blocks pollution.  Resists UV rays. Endures high humidity.  Withstands salinity.  Chillers with full inverter technology features inverter compressor, condenser fans and inverter water pumps will save up to 30% on your electricity bills within 12 months from installation date.



Units suitable for use within homes come with a user friendly remote and display pad.  Distribution throughout the room is done efficiently through the ducting and this makes the area and surroundings a pleasurable environment to be in.

Standard units comes in sizea 9 000 BTU up to 30 000 BTU depending on the size of the rooms area to be cooled or heated.  Functions to choose from energy saving, comfort, health and lifestyle convenience.

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